Bespoke Boots for Women

Oftentimes when people think of bespoke shoes they think of men shoes.  Those beautiful dress shoes that men wear when sporting their suits from designers like Berluti, John Lobb, Church’s and Johnston & Murphy.  And although most of them also carry women’s shoes, creator Maylis from The House of Lareymondie decided to create bespoke boots for women that are of impeccable.  The quality and craftsmenship are superb and they are trendy and stylish too.

Maylis launched The House of Lareymondie specifically to create bespoke boots for women—works of beauty to be measured and treasured, custom fit for one but handed down through the generations.  And the best part, they will never go out of style.  You have a quality boot that can be displayed like an art piece.  It’s like the Birkin of boots, you must have it!

The House of  Lareymondie however is not just another bootmaker, it gives women the opportunity to choose the details of their boots from beginning to end.  They can choose their favorite model from the current collection, select the color of choice from the color chart, choose the leather, the soles, the seam, and finally the best part – the final details – initials, custom words , decoration of the leather.  It’s like no other company!  It understands women and know that oftentimes women are looking for a specific style, color, or something unique that can’t be found; with The House of Lareymondie they have more options and are part of the process.   So if you are looking for bespoke boots for women, visit Larymondie’s website for a collection not to be missed.  It’s luxury at it’s best, not only do women have beautifully designed bespoke boots, but they’ve added their own special touch whether it’s an initial, name, words, or symbols.  It’s their own little secret.