Starting with personal session

With the Bootmaker

Replica of foot

Making the last

The exact replica of your foot

loving our Craftmanships

Loving our craftsmanship

To create a work of beauty

using classic couture method

Using classic couture methods

Meticulous cutting, stichting and polishing

patina of your choice

Applying the patina of your choice

The final luxury touch

infinity of weathers

An infinity of leathers

from the best tannery in France

creating your unique conture piece

Creating your unique couture piece

This is how true custom comes



A 30 hours hand made process

learning your feet

Learning your foot

a full story behind it

making the pattern

Making the pattern

With incredible precision, silk and craftsmanship

cutting the pattern

Cutting the pattern

The ideal canvas to make the masterpiece



Painting the glow of the Art piece



to create a work of beauty

few minutes to describe the process

It takes only minutes to describe the process

But days, weeks, and month to finish.

the lareymondie conture

And with Lareymondie Couture,

It’s worth every minute, because they last a lifetime and beyond