What is more French then a macaron? You’ve seen them, those colorful cookies with a gooey filling in every imaginable flavor. Only few can make these cookies and the number one place to find this wonderful dessert is at Ladurée founded in 1862. It is one of the best in the world and the only place you could get them was in Paris. But now you can find them in 25 countries including our city – New York. Though Paris offers a larger space with a great bar, we can’t fly out there in a whim so what better way to get these tasty treats then going to SOHO or the Upper East Side. Lines form everyday to get a box full of these flavorful macarons. It’s a quick dessert that is both simple and elegant.

Speaking of elegance these cookies are presented in a beautiful box that is perfect as a gift. They offer not only great macarons but they also create wonderful desserts, chocolates, beauty products, and home products ranging from candles to face powder. So whenever you are looking for a gift that is both beautiful and worldly you should try Ladurée. It is rich in history and the packaging is so perfect you don’t have to gift wrap it. If you want to impress people in your life, go to the Ladurée, but if the lines are too long check out their website. It has all their products and it’s less tempting to eat all the macarons.


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