Stylish Creator

When you see a pair of Lareymodie Boots, you immediately gravitate towards them. You begin to Ohh & Ahhh when you see the different colors and designs. Not only do you see the extraordinary quality and craftsmanship, you get a classic boots that will never go out of style. You can wear them to brunch with the girls, a day out shopping, or on a chic date.  Just like the Creator, Maylis she wears her own custom-made boots. Whether she is walking down the streets of New York or Paris she wears her boots with pride. She exudes style and sophistication, and she is always in trend.

Her style is anything but simple.  She throws on a pair of her popular boots and the warm hue of the leather glistening creates a new level of polish to her “casual” outfit.  She suddenly strides down the street with ease.  Every step oozes form.  Lareymondie boots are not just another pair of boots; they are custom-made, luxurious, and special.  They are made to fit you perfectly and no one else can take that away from you.  Maylis created a pair of boots you can wear each season, style them with anything, and always be chic.